boots on the ground

How we are
Working throughout the world

Compassion defined is a strong urge to alleviate another’s suffering. Our focus is loving and obeying Christ by multiplying disciples who love and obey Him and showing His love to those in need through practical projects that better the lives of the people in that community. By doing this, we are being Jesus in a language everyone understands and creating opportunities for the curious to become disciples.

Disciple Making

Teaching people how to study their Bible and share with others about Jesus.

  • In partnership with Uzima filters, we help bring clean water to the world.

  • Offering students a chance to learn new skills that will help support their families.

  • Building safe structures that make life easier for the community.

  • Providing essential scholarships, uniforms and school supplies to children.

  • Providing families affected by war, famine, floods, locusts and COVID in both Ethiopia and Liberia with food and necessities.

  • Helping vendors purchase higher quality items, benefitting the health and economy of the community.