Compassion for Life is a Nonprofit Organization.

Caring for the world by creating disciples

Compassion for Life works to create obedient disciples of Jesus throughout the world and, as we do that, we help underserved populations through a variety of programs which alleviate suffering, spread the love of Jesus Christ, and make the world a better place.

Make a Difference

Your Help is Needed

At Compassion for Life we are good stewards of every dollar given and aim to assure our donors and supporters that their gifts will be used to make the biggest impact for the Kingdom of God.

Wondering how you can help Compassion for Life in the work of creating obedient disciples of Jesus and caring for the underserved? Below are three ways we will always need your partnership. Thank you for caring!


Your gift is appreciated and tax-deductible.


Please pray for the protection and provision of Compassion for Life.

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