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We share acts of love;   We multiply disciples who obey Jesus

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Welcome to Compassion For Life

Welcome! We are Compassion for Life, an organization of disciples who love and obey Jesus while working to better the world for everyone. We are an organization that doesn’t just say that Jesus loves everyone, but we work to show everyone the love of Jesus by bringing real hope and change into the lives of people who need help and compassion. Our mission is to is to model the compassion of Jesus to the underserved and under privileged people throughout the world. We aren’t a “sending thoughts and prayers” organization — we take action to truly help by bringing water, food, opportunities, and education to those who need it most.

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About Us

Compassion for Life seeks to not just spread Christ’s love for his disciples, but to show his love to those in need. We work to offer a hand up in life, rather than just a hand out, and we work to not only share the love of Jesus, but also to build relationships with the individuals and families we work with while also mentoring them in the love of Christ. One of our missions as an organization is to multiply disciples who obey Jesus and better the world for those disciples. We share acts of love and compassion. Our team seeks to answer the call of Jesus by sharing the gospel of Christ, spreading love and compassion through acts of service and kindness, and to make more disciples throughout the world.

About Us

We share acts of love; We multiply disciples who obey Jesus

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Acts of Love

Compassion is a word often used in the Bible to describe the heart of Jesus, and it was often because he recognized humans’ need for Christ as their Savior. In other parts of the Bible, the word is used to describe his love for people around him, and that’s why we named our organization after this.

Compassion for Life isn’t just our name, it’s our mission. Learn more about our organization and our initiatives today!

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