Praises and Prayer Requests

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Over 80% of movements are started by other movements. Pray for movement leaders to collaborate well together as they lead their movements in finding the best strategies for starting a new movement.


  • Great praise from Ed for God's provision of $4,000 to translate and print 1000 copies of "Are you a Christian or a Disciple?" in Urdu language-in preparation for the national conference next year in Pakistan.

Prayer requests:

  • Pray, as we are starting to see God's fingerprints in Liberia through many years of compassion ministry, and a possible DMM starting among the people. Pray for God's clear direction of CFL's partnership with an organization wanting to pursue DMM in that area.
  • Pray for Bruce's meeting next week with Chris, who saw the documentary "Ordinary People" and wants to discuss DMM. Also, pray for Bruce's pastor and their ongoing discussions about DMM.
  • Pray for Bruce, for his follow-up with Jeff that wanted to know more about discovering God.
  • Pray for Ed's "Spirit-Empowered Discipleship" teaching this Saturday in his home. Pray for a great fruitfulness of disciples to step forth.
  • Pray for Ed's one on one meetings with Bob (on Sat.) and Sam (on Wed) that a DBS group will emerge.
  • Pray for the preparation of hearts that Debby will invite for a zoom meeting next week to consider helping meet the building needs of an orphanage, and discipleship ministry in India which God has linked to Debby's heart and ministry.
  • Pray for the DMM Delaware team, as they seek to ask God where are you working, and then to be obedient to go where He's calling them to go. To move in the power of the Holy Spirit. Pray for the multiplication of disciples that make disciples. Pray for upcoming trainings of DMM with believers, but continue to pray the team impacts the lost by finding persons of peace that are unbelievers to start discovery groups with, to teach them to be disciples.
  • Pray for God to show Richard the open doors in his city/state (Elkton, MD), where God is already working, so Richard can join Him.

HebreProverbs 17:17 "A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity."

Continued Prayer for CFL

  • Continue to pray for the hearts of the 16 pastors in Liberia that heard about DMM
  • Continue to pray that the application for ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) will be accepted.
  • Continue to pray for God's clear direction for Ed with working with the Christian and Missionary Alliance Pastors and churches throughout Delmarva.
  • Continue to pray for the beginning work of plans for the water project in Kenya, and the continued work of the water project in Liberia.
  • Continue to pray for brother Junior in Chile for moving forward with DMM training & that the Lord will open the hearts of the leaders to continue to work with Junior to see a movement. Bring unity between all the leaders and churches.
  • Continue to pray for brother Joel in Haiti for his upcoming trainings and a chance to get to the Dominican Republic to connect with disciples already there and see how they are doing.
  • Continue to pray for the civil unrest in Haiti and for God's provision for Joel. Our church planters' lives are being endangered and hindering the Gospel to go forward.
  • Continue to pray for Ed to be linked with the best-prepared churches filled with the Holy Spirit, in the 14 counties of Delmarva.
  • Continue to pray for the continued growing burden of state and national revival to be expressed in every prayer gathering.
  • Continue to pray for leading teens and young adults to repent and start following Jesus, leading to contagious movements emerging in schools and in churches.
  • Continue to pray for multiple DMM training coming up throughout the fall in the USA.
  • Continue to pray the Lord will continue to open the hearts of leaders that heard about DMM during the Liberia Africa trip and they could want to move forward in being trained at how to make disciples that make disciples. Looking for training coming from the African community rather than from the Western world.
  • Continue to pray for Ukraine and open doors for discipleship in Moldova.
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