Intercessory Prayer

On intercessory prayer:

I am delighted to write the foreword for the book, The Harvest Prayer of Jesus, by Edward N. Gross. (Get your copy HERE!)

We need to understand the subject of prayer if we desire a movement of God. Prayer is the key to all the Kingdom movements around the world. Of all the Kingdom movements that I know, none of them was started before leaders started praying. So, if we want to see a Kingdom movement happen, we have to be on our knees earnestly seeking God until we see His heart's desire fulfilled in the launching of sustainable, disciple-making movements (DMMs).

So many books have been written about prayer, and conferences have been called for prayer. While these are all good, many, sadly, have been turned into programs. Prayer is not a religious program; it's a lifestyle of a believer. We spiritually breathe and engage God through our prayers. What is happening to and through others, will not happen until we earnestly pray and commit ourselves to the prayer that gives birth to a movement.

  • Aila Tasse
  • President,
  • Lifeway Mission
  • Nairobi, Kenya