What Projects Has 'Compassion For Life' Completed

Compassion for Life, a Christian non-profit organization, is dedicated to providing support for underprivileged areas and sharing a universal message of goodwill. Established in the United States, our organization continues to plan and execute Compassion Projects, fueled by community donations, to show Christ’s love to others around the world. Compassion for Life is focused on joining together disciples of Christ and providing essential needs of life to areas around the world. In our neverending mission to spread the love of Jesus and build long-lasting relationships with others, our members have completed several projects in Liberia and other countries.

Discover how our Compassion Projects have helped our fellow brothers and sisters, and how your generous donation helps our mission of spreading the Word of the Gospel and making disciples. Join us in our worldwide mission today!

Child learning

Disciples of Christ Provide School Support

Compassion for Life is determined to share acts of love with underserved communities and provide a change in the lives of young children. Our Christian non-profit organization prioritizes the accessibility of education to as many students as possible around the world. One of our Compassion Projects is focused on providing school support, and providing resources for boys and girls to have what they need to learn in a classroom.

The generous donations of everyday people have allowed Compassion for Life to provide over 600 scholarships for students to attend school, as well as providing uniforms and essential school supplies. We’re proud to have helped over 150 children have what they need to launch successful academic careers!

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Building Footbridges

Our Compassion Projects also extend to building infrastructure assets to improve access to essential resources. As Compassion for Life finds new disciples of Christ within the United States and outside the nation’s borders, we’ve also made it our mission to provide aid wherever needed. Our Christian non-profit organization has funded the construction of a river footbridge to be used in Peace Island, Liberia during the dry and rainy seasons.

This Peace Island footbridge is designed to safely guide local residents to their local market. Several people have contracted serious health issues and at least two individuals have reportedly drowned trying to cross the contaminated river water. Compassion for Life is passionate about protecting the safety and well-being of men, women, and children as we further Jesus’ message of love and make disciples.

Vendor Market

Building Local Vendor Markets

The Compassion for Life Christian non-profit organization has also expanded our Compassion Projects in Liberia to include a new, large community market. The disciples of Christ involved in furthering our purpose have helped us construct a market for vendors to provide their wares to others in the community. In fact, Compassion for Life has been fortunate enough to rebuild several local markets in underserved areas of Liberia, protecting both vendors and shoppers during the rainy season.

Spreading the word of the Gospel and making disciples of Christ all around the world is what our Christian non-profit organization is all about. We’re excited to provide safe, clean, and welcoming spaces for more local vendors to participate in local markets.

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Bottled water

Emergency Food & Water Projects

When our brothers and sisters around the world are experiencing hardships and other forms of disaster, Compassion for Life is proud to use community donations to provide essential resources. Our Christian non-profit organization has answered the call to support families in both Ethiopia and Liberia who have been affected by war, famine, floods, locusts, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The disciples of Christ who have generously donated to our Compassion Projects have allowed us to give over 75 tons of rice and over 500 buckets of cleaning supplies to individuals living in these underserved areas.

Join us in making disciples of Christ around the world! Our Christian non-profit organization is excited to plan and execute on more Compassion Projects for communities that need them.

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