How Can You Get Involved in Compassion For Life

At Compassion For Life, we are a non-profit organization seeking to spread the love and compassion of Christ through acts of service. As a Christian, you can get involved in Compassion For Life and make a difference in the lives of those around you. Here are some ways that you can join our disciples of Christ in our mission to spreading the gospel, compassion, and love across the United States.



One way you can help Compassion For Life is by donating to our organization. We rely on donors who believe in our mission to provide relief and comfort to those suffering from poverty, illness, or other hardships. Your donations will help us provide for those who need it most.

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Become a Disciple-Maker

If you are looking for an opportunity to serve with us directly, we welcome disciple-makers from all walks of life! Helping to make disciples of Christ requires an open heart and willingness to share your faith in Christ with others.

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Join as a Disciple

Are you looking for an opportunity to serve while deepening your relationship with God through prayer and study? Then joining Compassion For Life as a disciple might be just what you need! This is an excellent way for you to connect more deeply with God while serving those around you by living out your faith through action.

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Become a Prayer Partner

Finally, if prayer is more your style then consider becoming one of our prayer partners! Becoming a prayer partner means committing yourself to pray regularly for Compassion For Life so that God may guide us as we continue our mission.

No matter what type of involvement interests you most, partnering with Compassion For Life and our disciples of Christ is sure to have a lasting impact on our world! We hope that this article has provided enough information for anyone considering getting involved with us. Get started spreading the gospel with our non-profit organization today!

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