4 Ways You Can Get Involved With Making Disciples

Are you being called to serve God and continue walking in his path while spreading the word? If so, welcome to Compassion For Life. At Compassion For Life, our community is called to make disciples worldwide while helping those who need us the most. We help communities in underdeveloped areas and those affected by emergencies and disasters. When you join our community, you join a non-profit that spreads God’s love through compassion projects. Keep reading to learn more about how you can get involved with making disciples and join our community today!

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Donate to Our Organization

Since we are a non-profit organization, our community relies on gracious donations in order to continue spreading the word and fulfill the compassion projects that we are committed to. If you want to get involved with disciple making, one way to do so is by donating to our organization. No matter the size of the donations that we receive, they all work together to contribute to the bigger picture.

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Become a Disciple Maker

Becoming a disciple maker means inviting others to join you on your journey of spreading the word of God and living like him. One of the best ways to be a disciple maker is to be an active example of what it means to be a disciple and help others find their own journey and be successful in becoming a disciple.

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Send a Prayer Through Our Website

The power of prayer is so strong and that remains true throughout our community. When you join our community through prayer, you can help us to fulfill our missions. Whether you are needing a community to help you with a prayer request or you want to pray with us, you can do so on our website!

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Tell Your Friends About Who We Are

Our community can only continue to grow if more people learn about our mission. One way to help us continuously grow and meet our goals is through telling your friends and family about who we are and urging them to also get involved within our community! The bigger of a community we have, the stronger we can be together.

If you are looking for a way to grow the disciples of Christ, look no further than our Christian non-profit organization. At Compassion For Life, we work hard every day to live more like God and serve communities around the world through our prayer, love, and passion projects. Join our community and sign up for training today!